vegan society 月經杯 Menstrual Cup



  • Soft medical grade silicone material 

  • Latex-free, hypoallergenic

  • No dyes, BPA, phthalates, plastic, bleaches or toxins. 

  • Measurement markings , enabling women to report menstrual blood loss to a doctor or gynaecologist

  • No absorbency gels, additives or perfumes.

  • Free Pesticides and GM materials

  • Non-absorbent, does not disrupt your body's natural pH levels 

Tampons .....................

  • 35% will absorb the vagina natural moisture

  • May cause dryness and leave fibres behind

ethical business 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


Over HK$300

Free HK POST or SF Express Self-pickup

ethical business 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​​      Cheaper

      Mooncup ............

  • Lasts for years

  • Costs same as six months disposable sanitary protection     

Whether you want to reduce your carbon footprint, save money or just look after your health, there are many reasons to choose the Mooncup

mooncup convenient 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​​       Safer

       Mooncup Ltd..........

  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

  • IS0 13485:2012 certified

      (The design and manufacture of medical device) 

  • FDA registered, not raw material but a whole Company & Factory

      (US Food and Drug Administration Registration No: 3009117944)

  • Vegan Society Certified 

    • 100% No Animal Testing (From Raw Material to End Product)

    • Not more than 2 company were certified in market

  • Using Traditional sanitary products may cause a bad smell because of the blood was exposed to air (Using the Mooncup will create a 
    vacuum condition in vagina to prevent any bacterial breeding)

Go to WIKI to have other information about menstrual cup, Wiki Menstrual Cup

Mooncup cheaper 月經杯 Menstrual Cup



Benefits 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
best buy 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

Disposal of Traditional Sanitary Products ........................

  • Over 11,000 in a woman life time

  • Over 4,500,000,000 in every year globally 

  • Collected 27,938  on beaches on a single day (International Coastal Cleanup, 2013)

  • End up in landfill or in the sea. ​

​​       Eco-friendly

       Mooncup Ltd. ..........

  • First sanitary protection manufacturer awarded Ethical Business status for its people and environmentally - friendly practices

  • One of the top 10 ethical businesses by The Good Shopping Guide

  • Soft medical grade silicone material (100% Not plastic)

  • Reusable Mooncup offers a simple way to dramatically reduce the amount of waste you produce

Mooncup Eco-friendly 月經杯 Menstrual Cup



mooncup safer 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
mooncup healthier 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Ladygardenhk Menstrual Cup 月經杯

​​     Convenient

     Mooncup ............

  • No need to worry about leakage during sleeping or walking

  • Fresh Feeling

  • Holds at least three times as much fluid as a tampon

  • Non-absorbent, it won't cause dryness when your period is light

  • No need to carry bulky spares

Worry about Traditional Sanitary Product ..........

  • Disposal

  • Leakage

  • Out of Stock T.T


Lady Garden HK Menstrual Cup 月經杯