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Please try to use high-quality Mooncup. We share different items with Green / Funny / Practical Ladies products.

Menstrual Cup, also call Period Cup or Mooncup,this product is a gift for ours,we are welcome all of you to ask, to share. For our future,a Menstrual Cup give you more than you imagine. Don't be shy, let's talk with us!

Menstrual Cup is not just a small silicone cup, it will give you a lot of benefit to you life, period or m come or menstruation whatever it call, this will stay with us 30 to 40 years. You will feel wet, not confident, bored,  stuffy, this-this that that in every month....

In Hong Kong Secondary school, we only learned Menstrual Pad or Tampon. Teacher or lecturer, they did not tell us a more sanitary product. In other western countries, their mindsets are more open and happy to share menstruation no matter boys & girls. Asia .....  Old fashioned. Nowadays If we have more choices, why can't we choose the best one for yourself. Maybe the large company wants to earn more money on sanitary products. We have to stand up, we have to change.

We would like to share a menstrual cup.

We would like to let you know menstrual cup.

We would like to recommend you to use the menstrual cup.

You know more than 10 billions sanitary products have been wasted in land field or sea.

We are providing a high-quality Mooncup for you.

If you just a use, that.............
Not aware of certification (e.g. FDA, ISO)

Not aware of manufacturing process (e.g. animal testing or not)

Not aware of materials (e.g. plastic)

Not aware of the "real"  country of origin (e.g. Designed by Apple in California but Made in China)

Not aware of any additive (e.g, color)

It's up to you to choose any type any brand of menstrual cup, because of it still better than menstrual pad or tampon.

After using Mooncup, I will not get back to the traditional sanitary products.

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