6. Trimming the stem
The end of the stem should sit just inside your vagina. Vaginal length varies from woman to woman, so the stem is designed to be trimmed as required. Remember the Mooncup is designed to be worn as low as it will comfortably sit.

Some women need to remove the stem completely. It is best to practice removing your Mooncup without using the stem before you do this (see the section of your usage guide entitled
'How To Use'). 

If you find that the Mooncup is uncomfortable when sitting or walking, or pinches the vaginal opening, then you probably need to remove a little more of the stem. It is important to take the time to get this right as the stem can make your vaginal entrance sore if it is too long.





2. Leakage?

The most common reason for the Mooncup leaking is wearing the Mooncup too high in the vagina. The menstrual cup (where the stem is attached) should be just at the entrance to the vagina. 'How To Use'


Size A
Recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age.

Size B
Recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.
The difference between the 'A' and the 'B' is only small (3mm) , but it is crucial!
If you are unsure about which size to choose please
'Contact' us for advice.


20. Allergic reaction?
Menstrual cup will not cause allergies. Because menstrual cups do not like sanitary napkin with bleach, deodorant and will be absorbed colloid, it will not cause allergies or harmful side effects. Also the blood will not flow out of the road air contact, naturally less Odor generation.


14. Overnight use?
You can use Mooncup overnight, but you will need to ensure that it is empty before going to bed and then empty it again as soon as you wake.  

It is safe to be in place for 12 hours there is no problem with using it at night. You may feel comfortable after a few times use and no worry about the leakage than other sanitary product. Please feel free to 'Contact' us again if you have any further queries at all. 





1. Which Size? 

Size is related to age and childbearing history as these can affect pelvic floor tone. Size is not related to menstrual flow.

15. Post-birth
It is not recommended to use internal sanitary protection for the first six weeks after giving birth. This is because after trauma to the vaginal tissues that will increase risk of infection if you forced to use internal sanitary protection.  


17. Coloured cups
The raw material of Mooncup is soft medical silicone. We insist to keep the Mooncup colorless, odorless and dye-free. Many bands of cup in market are adding food colourings or pigments that useless for the health, ethical and environmental. 

3. Swimming / Hot Spring / Other Water Sports ?

You can go Swimming / Hot Spring / Water Sports while wearing the Mooncup. The Mooncup is worn completely internally so you don't need to worry about a string hanging out, and it holds more than a tampon so you may be able to swim for longer. 

We would always recommend emptying your 
Mooncup prior to Swimming / Hot Spring / Water Sports, and we do recommend getting used to using the Mooncup before relying upon it when swimming. 

19. TSS (Toxic Shock Syndromed)
Mooncup does not cause "toxic shock syndrome" absolutely, because the menstrual cup is only collected vaginal secretions of natural outflow.

TSS is caused by the tampon absorption is too good, so that the vaginal environment is too dry lead to vaginal mucosal injury. At the meanwhile the occurrence of Staphylococcus aureus into the blood circulation system, it may cause TSS.

Over HK$300

Free HK POST or SF Express Self-pickup


11. Odour?
One reason for the Mooncup developing an odour is that it has been left in a lot longer than the advised 4 to 12 hours, or been boiled during cleaning in a saucepan that may have had traces of food left on the surface. Otherwise, you may have a non-serious vaginal discharge/irritation that should probably be checked out by your doctor/nurse. 

To get rid of the odour, soak your Mooncup in a small container using sterilising solution the same as that used for sterilising baby bottle teats (e.g. Milton's) diluted to the manufacturer's guidelines. 

Soak for the minimum recommended time (usually about 7-10 minutes) , then rinse thoroughly with clean water. 

8. Hymen
I saw the Mooncup at a festival and was rather dubious about it but I have been thinking about it quite a lot as I want to become more active and learn how to swim. As far as I am aware my hymen is still intact, so I was worried about using it and wasn't quite bold enough to ask the lady at the stand.

The hymen is a thin membrane which partially covers the opening to the vagina. By the time you started menstruating, your hymen may have stretched or torn through activities such as horse riding or other sports. You may or may not have noticed this happening. 

If your hymen is intact and you have strong personal or cultural feelings about keeping it intact, we would not advise that you use any internal sanitary protection as, although you can use a Mooncup with an intact hymen, inserting it will stretch or tear it. 

7. First Menstrustion
If young girl or her parents do not have strong personal needs to preserve the hymen "inact" of traditional culture, you are welcome to use Mooncup. It can help you to understand yourself and may have some contribution of the environment.

We usually suggest to girls to: 
Go and have a look at a Mooncup. We have a demo unit for new user to feel of it, and remember, it is folded for insertion!

Join our facebook, youtube, whatsapp for discussion 
Find out as much information as possible about the body, especially the vagina. Ask your school nurse for information, go back to your biology lessons, go to the local library.
Take a read through our '
HowToUse' or 'FAQs' or 

'Contact' us directly.

The size B-smaller Mooncup® is technically designed for young girls to use, even when they first start their periods. Many young girls are now using the Mooncup! Use of the smaller Mooncup will depend on the girls' emotional maturity and knowledge about her body. 

If the young girl, or her parents/culture have strong personal feelings about keeping the hymen "intact," she should not use the Mooncup (read more about the Mooncup and the hymen) 




5. Cleaning in Toilet
Wash your hands at the sink and take a small bottle of water (e.g. Folding cup) into the toilet cubicle with you. 

Remove the Mooncup, tip the contents into the toilet bowl, rinse with a small amount of water and re-insert. If you have not got a bottle of water, then wipe the Mooncup with toilet paper and re-insert. 

Remember, because the Mooncup collects more menstrual blood than conventional sanitary protection, you will not have to refresh it as often as your would need to dispose of tampons or pads. 
You no need to take Mooncup out when you go for pee.


Lady Garden HK Menstrual Cup 月經杯
Ladygardenhk Menstrual Cup 月經杯




Go to WIKI to have other information about menstrual cup, Wiki Menstrual Cup



21. Why the Mooncup so Thick?
It will increase the durability (not easy to be damaged)
It will prevent any fold up when you insert the Mooncup to the vagina(if it was folded up after insert, you may not be able to know until there is a leak. We heard a lot of users mentioned some of the other brand may fold up after insert because it is too thin).

​10. Mooncup & Tempon
Mooncup does hold 3 times more than a tampon. 

Size A Mooncup can hold 29.3 ml 
Size B Mooncup can hold 28.8 ml

Tampons can hold anything from 6 mls-18 ml
depending on the absorbency chosen. 

  • 'Regular or Normal' tampon that is suitable for light to medium flow can hold 6-9 mls 
  • 'Super' tampon which is suitable for medium to heavy flow can hold 9-12 mls
  • 'Super Plus' and 'Super Plus Extra' which are suitable for women with a heavy flow or very heavy flow can hold 12-18 mls. 

However, you will still need to empty your Mooncup every 4 - 12 hours or after a nights' sleep.​


​18. Using Mooncup will cause Candida/Thrush?
Candida/Thrush is caused by the change of vagina PH value (Self-defence ability decrease), it will increase the risk of Candida/Thrush infection. Approximately 1/3 of what tampons absorb are the protective secretions that prevent thrush and other infections from happening.

When you use a Mooncup it will not interfere with these protective vaginal secretions or vagina PH balance , and it will not absorb them either, so your vagina will remain healthy whilst you are having your period. 
It is important to rinse your Mooncup with plenty of water if you use soap to clean it, as traces of soap left on the Mooncup can upset the PH balance of your vagina.

9. Heavy periods
The Mooncup can work very well for heavy periods because it collects up to three times more menstrual blood than disposable sanitary products. This means that you may need to attend to the Mooncup less often. 

The Mooncup also allows you to monitor your flow. If you are concerned that your periods are too heavy then you should discuss this with your doctor or gynaecologist. 

16. Painful periods to use Mooncup
The Mooncup can safely be used with painful periods and many women report that using the Mooncup reduces their pain.

One reason for this could be that the Mooncup is worn lower down in the vagina than a tampon and allows your menstrual blood to flow more naturally. The Mooncup is also hypoallergenic and does not react with your body.

12. Life time?
With the advised cleaning and storage, the Mooncup will last for years and years, if there is any change in the material of your Mooncup if it splits or becomes sticky, or there is any change in the shape of your Mooncup then it will need replacing. 

13. Empty it?
You will need to empty your Mooncup every 4 - 12 hours, and after a nights' sleep, depending on your menstrual flow. 

Women often find they have to empty their Mooncup much less often than they change tampons or pads, as the Mooncup actually holds three times as much as a tampon!