Step 1 - Clean

Before first use in the period (Ethier one) :

  • Clean it with Clean Water & Sterilising Tablets for baby bottle teats
  • Clean it with Clean Water, then immerse and boil it in water at 5 - 7mins only

During the period :

  • Everytime remove & insert - Clean it with Clean Water / Tissue Wipe for baby
  • Everynight during bath: Clean it with Clean Water  / Sterilising Tablets for baby

After the period : 

  • Clean it with Clean Water & Sterilising Tablets for baby (Recommended) Or Immerse and boil it in water at 5 - 7mins only
  • Put the Mooncup in the breathable cotton bag provided

​     (Do not store it in a plastic bag or sealed container)​​​



C fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
punch down fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

Step 5 - Remove

  • Wash your hands.
  • Find the stem until you reach the base of cup.
  • Pinch the base to break the seal and Pull out with side-by-side slowly 
  • For video demonstration, you can clickHere to video page

Conclusions / Reminders

  • No matter Insert or Remove, just relax. Nervous will make your vagina in shrink condition that may resist to put or remove the Mooncup

  • During Insert, 
    • Wet the Mooncup surface may help 
    • ​If you feel pain, don't push it to hard. Wet the Mooncup surface and then push it with side-by-side slowly
    • To ensure the Mooncup is fully open and sealed, try to pull a little bit and rotate the Mooncup slightly.
    • To ensure the Mooncup is fully open, try to touch the Mooncup around to see any concave surface.

  • During Remove, 
    • You can sit on the toilet and then spread or raise your leg 
    • You better use your vagina muscle to help you pull out the Mooncup.
    • Don't try to pull out the Mooncup under sealed condition
    • ​Press the bottom part of Mooncup to break the seal and the pull it out (you may need to break the seal more than one time)
    • Use one finger to press the edge of Mooncup and the other hand pull out the Mooncup

  • Cleaning in Public Toilet (The blood didn't in touch with air , you just need to clean it in a simple way as below - Either one) 
    • ​Get some water in sink with a small cup
    • Bring a small bottle of water before go out
    • Use Baby Wet Wipes to clean it 
    • Toilet Paper or Tissue to clean it


  • Practice make you perfect, you can use one hand to complete the whole process. The others use for cleaning.

  • Don't use alcohol or vinegar or baking soda or any other similar to clean it
  • Don't put it in micowave oven for disinfection
  • If you are using shower gel or soap to clean it, 100% make sure there is no more shower gel or soap remain.
7 FOLD 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

 - "TWIST" Fold

​​Step 3 - Fold (Ethier one)


Remove 2 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Insert 3 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


Step 4 - Insert

  • Hold the Mooncup and put it in the vagina

     (Water may helps to insert)

  • Re-insert or Rotate If you feel the Mooncup is still in fold state 
  • ​​Trim the stem If you feel uncomfortable after a sit
  • The Mooncup needs to be placed as low in the vagina (near entrance) as possible




Pull with


wash how to use 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


Go to WIKI to have other information about menstrual cup, Wiki Menstrual Cup

 - "ORIGAMI" Fold

Twist Fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

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how to use 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

 - Punch Down Fold


Insert / Rotate

  - "7" Fold

Origami Fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

Conclusions / Caution / Reminders



Lady Garden HK Menstrual Cup 月經杯
Ladygardenhk Menstrual Cup 月經杯


 - "C" Fold

Insert 1 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Insert 2 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Remove 3 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​Step 2 - Wash your hand



Remove 1 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​Step 6 - Reinsert

  • Rinse your Mooncup with water or wipe it with a tissue.
  • ​​Fold and re-insert (Step 3 & 4)