- "ORIGAMI" Fold

Twist Fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Insert 3 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


Step 4 - Insert

  • Hold the Mooncup and put it in the vagina

     (Water may helps to insert)

  • Re-insert or Rotate If you feel the Mooncup is still in fold state 
  • ​​Trim the stem If you feel uncomfortable after a sit
  • The Mooncup needs to be placed as low in the vagina (near entrance) as possible


 - "C" Fold


 - "TWIST" Fold

Conclusions / Caution / Reminders



Go to WIKI to have other information about menstrual cup, Wiki Menstrual Cup

Origami Fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


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wash how to use 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​Step 2 - Wash your hand

punch down fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Remove 2 月經杯 Menstrual Cup


Insert 1 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Insert 2 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

​​Step 3 - Fold (Ethier one)



Remove 3 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
C fold 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
how to use 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
Lady Garden HK Menstrual Cup 月經杯
Ladygardenhk Menstrual Cup 月經杯
Remove 1 月經杯 Menstrual Cup
7 FOLD 月經杯 Menstrual Cup

Pull with


Conclusions / Reminders

  • No matter Insert or Remove, just relax. Nervous will make your vagina in shrink condition that may resist to put or remove the Mooncup

  • During Insert, 
    • Wet the Mooncup surface may help 
    • ​If you feel pain, don't push it to hard. Wet the Mooncup surface and then push it with side-by-side slowly
    • To ensure the Mooncup is fully open and sealed, try to pull a little bit and rotate the Mooncup slightly.
    • To ensure the Mooncup is fully open, try to touch the Mooncup around to see any concave surface.

  • During Remove, 
    • You can sit on the toilet and then spread or raise your leg 
    • You better use your vagina muscle to help you pull out the Mooncup.
    • Don't try to pull out the Mooncup under sealed condition
    • ​Press the bottom part of Mooncup to break the seal and the pull it out (you may need to break the seal more than one time)
    • Use one finger to press the edge of Mooncup and the other hand pull out the Mooncup

  • Cleaning in Public Toilet (The blood didn't in touch with air , you just need to clean it in a simple way as below - Either one) 
    • ​Get some water in sink with a small cup
    • Bring a small bottle of water before go out
    • Use Baby Wet Wipes to clean it 
    • Toilet Paper or Tissue to clean it


  • Practice make you perfect, you can use one hand to complete the whole process. The others use for cleaning.

  • Don't use alcohol or vinegar or baking soda or any other similar to clean it
  • Don't put it in micowave oven for disinfection
  • If you are using shower gel or soap to clean it, 100% make sure there is no more shower gel or soap remain.

Insert / Rotate

Step 5 - Remove

  • Wash your hands.
  • Find the stem until you reach the base of cup.
  • Pinch the base to break the seal and Pull out with side-by-side slowly 
  • For video demonstration, you can clickHere to video page

 - Punch Down Fold

Step 1 - Clean

Before first use in the period (Ethier one) :

  • Clean it with Clean Water & Sterilising Tablets for baby bottle teats
  • Clean it with Clean Water, then immerse and boil it in water at 5 - 7mins only

During the period :

  • Everytime remove & insert - Clean it with Clean Water / Tissue Wipe for baby
  • Everynight during bath: Clean it with Clean Water  / Sterilising Tablets for baby

After the period : 

  • Clean it with Clean Water & Sterilising Tablets for baby (Recommended) Or Immerse and boil it in water at 5 - 7mins only
  • Put the Mooncup in the breathable cotton bag provided

​     (Do not store it in a plastic bag or sealed container)​​​



​Step 6 - Reinsert

  • Rinse your Mooncup with water or wipe it with a tissue.
  • ​​Fold and re-insert (Step 3 & 4)

  - "7" Fold